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Report focuses on energy efficiency in the electricity sector

The adverse effects of climate change are now at the forefront of many key decisions taken across industries when evaluating not only the operating ethics of a company but also protecting future business operations against the consequences of climate change. Levant UPS offers a disaster recovery service whereby we allocate access to a fully tested and operational UPS available on demand 24/7 should your in-situ UPS system fail. In minimal time we are able to have your allocated UPS on site and installed thus minimising downtime to your business operations.

In addition to the negative effects on your business that climate change my result in, the world is experiencing a significant hike in demand for global energy. The global population is increasing at alarming rates and with this comes more demand for energy. The UK is now facing some tough decisions about what direction to take with regards to energy generation and predictions pertaining to irregularities in future electricity supply and distribution are causing great alarm for many businesses. Levant UPS is able to mitigate the effects of such occurrences through supplying and installing bespoke UPS power protection solutions tailored to the needs of your site. We are able to accommodate short or long term UPS hire to fit in with the needs of your business through busy periods.

Based on future predictions and the problems faced with the exponentially increasing demand of energy, it is highly likely that your UPS system will be called into operation more frequently. It is therefore imperative that your system is maintained and serviced to ensure that it is in full working order should your site ever experience an AC mains failure. Levant UPS offers a wide variety of UPS maintenance packages which are tailor made to the needs of your site. We offer out of hours or normal working hours packages and guarantee minimal disruption to your business operations. Levant UPS also provides a range of battery services such as impedance testing and load bank testing to ascertain the integrity of the UPS batteries.

Climate change has spawned a surge in the demand for renewable energy and whilst this is a positive change for the flora and fauna, it is a largely untested source of energy when it comes to mass distribution. For the foreseeable future energy supply will remain a contentious topic, don’t let unstable energy supplies hinder your business operations contact Levant UPS today to see our range of UPS hire, UPS maintenance, UPS installation and other UPS services.


Source: The Guardian

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