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UPS hire during chaotic London Olympics

 With the London 2012 Olympics only 9 months away, we at Levant UPS have formulated our plan and strategy to mitigate the effects of UPS failure at any of our sites located within close proximity to the London games. We are able to offer your site disaster recovery, emergency UPS hire, bespoke UPS maintenance to ensure your system is running at its optimum prior to the onset of the games.

Reports state that traffic congestion around London will reach unprecedented levels with many of the major routes into and out of the city blocked. This has the potential to disrupt essential works on your UPS systems, don’t let the threat of a UPS emergency stifle your business operations. Levant UPS can offer UPS hire at competitive rates during the London 2012 Olympic games. We can offer loan UPS systems to remain on your site with all necessary equipment on HOT STANDBY so should an emergency situation arise, our engineers can rapidly arrive on site and install your emergency UPS system. Don’t let traffic congestion disrupt your business, contact Levant UPS today and guarantee your UPS integrity.



The following text details our strategy for sites that may be close to or affected by Olympic and Paralympic activity.

It is our suggestion that planned preventative maintenance visits are not scheduled to take place at sites within the Core Olympic Route Network during the Olympic and Paralympic games unless absolutely necessary.

It is our intention to make sure that Levant responds to client requests in accordance with the agreed response times. Our engineers will be provided with full details and schedule of areas that will be under the limited traffic access category.

Furthermore each engineer will be asked to make their way to the nearest available car park and then travel to site either by foot or using the nearest public transport location to expedite their arrival at the customer’s site.

Our engineers will not be allowed to have any vacation during the Olympics and Paralympics in order to ensure that there will be more than adequate cover during this critical period.

All possible efforts will be made by the management to track the progress of engineers as they travel towards the site by means of two way communication and live traffic issues will be relayed to the engineers concerned. Engineers will be in regular contact with the site based client’s engineer to update him with the travel situation.

The spares stock check list will be updated at enhanced, regular intervals in order to ensure that all critical items will be available on demand during and before the start of the Olympics and Paralympics. Some of our engineers operated under similar demanding conditions during the Y2K bug. 


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