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UPS Hire for business continuity

One fifth of installed production capacity of the British power market will be closed by 2020 due to the shutdown of older and inefficient plants. Renewable energy sources are becoming an increasingly popular choice of electricity generation but suffer from intermittent supply issues and are greatly affected by adverse weather conditions. Why not contact Levant UPS for our UPS maintenance, UPS servicing, UPS systems and UPS hire options.

For these reasons Britain proposed on Thursday creating a market-wide power capacity backup system, run by network operator National Grid. Thursday's proposals aim to encourage plant developers to build new stations by offering a market system that seeks to generate stable revenue for operators through capacity auctions worth.

Whilst this will go some way to ensuring more stable future electricity supplies, the capacity mechanism will not come into force until later this decade, which would make it hard to find power purchasers for new plants coming online in the near future.

Levant UPS can safeguard your business operations, for now and in the future, against intermittent power supply issues through UPS hire, UPS sales, UPS maintenance and a wide variety of UPS packages. We can offer UPS hire to ensure sufficient reliable power protection capacity is available to ensure a secure electricity supply to your business critical equipment in times of system stress, for example during a busy holiday period such as Christmas.

Future electricity generation has become a contentious topic over the last few years and UPS are a certain way to guarantee the integrity of your sites electricity supply. We can supply short term UPS hire options for the busy festive period to cover your business during peak time. UPS systems are currently the most effective means for power protection to cover this uncertain period where the stability of future electricity supply is in question.

It is important to consider energy demand as well as supply when discussing the pitfalls of future energy generation. Levant UPS are proud to be one of the first UPS companies to offer disaster recovery UPS solutions whereby we place UPS systems on standby matching the specifications of your requirements should an emergency situation occur. Such a contingency plan can guarantee your business is not affected by events such as extreme weather (for example flooding). Disaster recovery differs slightly from standard UPS hire as we will guarantee access 24/7 to a fully tested machine matching your onsite power demand. Our UPS hire machines can be on site rapidly should the need arise.

Source: Reuters

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