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Containerised UPS Hire London Olympics containerised UPS for events

The London 2012 Olympics are fast approaching and are well in the final preparation stages. Throughout the history of the modern Olympic games power cuts have been an evident problem due to the increased demand for energy. Television broadcasting are the main victims of such power cuts and through the supply and installation of containerised UPS systems Levant UPS is able to reduce the effect these power outs will have on your business operations.

Levant stock a number of containerised UPS systems, which are ready to be deployed for temporary UPS hire at a moments notice. We have from 200KVA  up to 1MVA containerised UPS systems ready to be deployed nationally at any time. These UPS systems are housed in a portable shipping container which has been purpose built to house a UPS system. Installing a UPS in a container allows for easy transportation and rapid deployment to anywhere in the country with little or no notice. The UPS container contains all equipment in one housing ensuring your site is kept free from unecessary obstructions and hinderance throughout the period for which the containerised UPS operates at your site.

Our containerised UPSs are available for short or long term hire options and come entirely ready to go with all panels, switchgear, cooling and batteries included in a portable containerised housing which is mobile and rapidly deployable.

Containerised UPS systems afford your site a greater deal of flexibility than permanent installations and require none of the long-term planning and installation costs associated with permanent installations. These ups systems can be utilised in line with the demands of your business so you are not outlaying substantial amounts of money without being sure of the long term demands required by your business.

Significant power outages were experienced during the Athens Olympics 2004 as increased demand was placed on what is already a much-demanded commodity. A poll of 140 British experts has found that 77% of those polled believed power cuts to be a significant problem facing the London 2012 Olympics. With outages expected at one of the busiest times of the year for London these incidents could be detrimental to a multitude of businesses looking to prosper from the once in a lifetime opportunity that the Olympic games have to offer the city.

We also offer containerised UPS systems for other outdoor events such as, shows, festivals, concerts, motor racing and much more. We offer Containerised UPS systems for hire up to 1 MVA.

Levant UPS have a number of containerised UPS systems in place throughout the United Kingdom ready to launch 24/7. If you require any further information or would like to find out about any of our other excellent UPS services then why not contact us.

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