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UPS systems are required to operate around the clock with the intention of providing instantaneous backup at any given time. Sometimes a UPS may run a number of years without ever being called in to action, other times it may be used a number of times per week. The key point being that UPS systems are often needed on a spontaneous and sporadic basis.

UPS maintenance and UPS servicing are the most important aspects of what we at Levant UPS do. Ensuring your UPS health is in tip top condition allows us to certify that your system will work should it ever be called upon. In many instances UPS systems will run for years without ever presenting with a fault, however, in this case the machine is essentially running idle without ever being demanded upon. It is often the case that the UPS will not show a fault until the time when it is most urgently required. Potentially leaving your site at risk of power problems.

Regular UPS service visits and UPS maintenance will ensure that any issues are identified and remedied before they have a chance to jeopardise the integrity of your UPS system. Our maintenance packages are tailored to the specific needs of your site and we work closely with our clients to ensure the needs of the site are met. Whether it is out of hour’s maintenance or specific dates for the works to be conducted we are more than happy to cater to these needs.

Levant has extensive experience of conducting UPS maintenance and we cater to the needs of numerous blue chip corporations across the UK. Over the years we have honed the art of UPS maintenance and have ensured the smooth running of many critical sites.

We offer a large range of tailor made UPS maintenance contracts and an emergency call-out support service so we can restore your system to online operation in minimum time should it fail. Our first-time-fix (FTF) rate is amongst the best and we aim to have your system restored to online operations, in the case of an urgent failure, within a matter of hours. We have excellent credentials for providing top quality UPS services and have built a substantial and far reaching business from doing so. We cover all of the UK and can have engineer on site within hours of requesting.

For more information on Levant’s UPS maintenance options or for more information on any of our other UPS services please contact us today!

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