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UPS faults and failures often result in times of great stress and anxiety. The thought of your critical equipment having no backup power protection can create chaos within your working environment.

We understand the importance of your business requirements and have engineers on hand to assist you in times of urgent need, 24-7. We can offer an expert UPS repairs service whether you hold a contract with us or not, we respond rapidly to all of our clients needs and treat them all with the utmost urgency.

Often a UPS fails at the most inconvenient time and thus ad hoc UPS repairs are frequently spur of the moment. Time is of the essence. We are renowned for our dedication and perseverance even when other companies have written off your UPS as beyond economical repair.

We have a common goal – to reduce your systems downtime by restoring your UPS to online operation as fast as possible. If your system requires an ad hoc repair or you would like us to attend site in times of emergency to assess and diagnose your UPS problems then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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