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Available for Sales, Installation, Testing & Disposal

UPS batteries are a crucial component to the reliable running of a UPS system. It is imperative that the UPS batteries installed on your system have the appropriate rating to match your power requirements. We only supply the leading brands of UPS batteries (including Yuasa and FIAMM) to our clients since we take great pride in delivering quality products.

Whether you are looking to install new UPS batteries to your system or require battery maintenance we are happy to help.

Impedance Testing

Entire battery replacements can be costly and impedance testing is a cost effective way to determine whether this is necessary. We offer a reliable low cost solution to check the status of your batteries before costly decisions to replace all batteries are made. Often, only a few batteries are faulty and these can be replaced without you incurring the additional costs of swapping out entire sets of batteries.

We can impedance test your batteries as part of a scheduled preventative maintenance package or as an ad-hoc battery inspection.


If your batteries have reached the end of their operational life, we can advise on all available options.  We supply and install new batteries on a wide variety of UPS systems. Our batteries are sourced from the leading brands of battery manufacturers; this allows us to ensure you are supplied with quality products. Don’t let faulty batteries jeopardise your ability to support critical systems in times of urgent need, contact us now for more details.


Levant is a registered Upper Tier Carrier, Broker, Dealer of controlled waste and we are able to safely dispose of old batteries in accordance with the Environment Agency and EU environmental regulations. Using a registered waste carrier, safe disposal of unwanted batteries is guaranteed. For a free quote please contact us.

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