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10 - 40 kVA

Riello's Sentryum UPS is their latest transformerless online system that delivers outstanding performance and 96.5% efficiency, helping to minimise wasted energy in a compact footprint. Its compact nature allows you to maximise floor space, whilst the cabinet size options maximise battery autonomy. Sentryum is available in 4 power ratings (10-15-20-30 kVA) and 3 cabinet sizes to suit your requirements. The 3-phase version allows you to increase your power by installing up to 8 systems in parallel. With an optimised card layout that reduces the number of components, cables, and interconnections, this UPS is a good option for smaller data centres or similar sized sites.



60-200 kVA

Riello's Multi Sentry (MST) UPS offers high efficiency in a compact footprint, ideal smaller sites, with the option for a scalable solution also. This is a transformer-free UPS designed to handle capacitive loads without any reduction in active power. Delivering exceptional efficiency of 96.5% and near-unity power factor, whilst reducing energy waste. The capacity can be increased by paralleling up to 8 UPS in a single system. Multi Sentry is available in 6 power ratings (60-80-100-125-160-200 kVA) to suit your specific requirements, from small telecoms and ICT networks through to sizeable data centres.



45 - 294 kVA

Riello's award-winning modular Multi Power UPS combines up to 96.5% efficiency with an unmatched power density of 466 kW per m². With an 'Energy Saving Mode' that is operational for up to 15 hours, it’s capable of high efficiency even at loads as low as 20-25%. This is a compact unit that has the option for scaling with a choice of 15 kW or 25 kW power modules in 2U height (MPW) or the standard 42 kW (MPX). MPW offers a compact unit that holds up to 5 modules, whilst the MPX sits in a standard unit, with capacity for up to 7 modules. All components within these systems offer outstanding protection even at high temperatures of 40 °C. Multi Power is the ideal solution for everything from smaller data centres and server rooms through to large-scale critical needs. These systems are eligible for the Energy Technology List (ETL).



4-10 kVA

Sentinel Dual (SDU) is a versatile UPS providing maximum protection to critical loads with excellent efficiency and quality power. The SDU delivers unity power (except the 4 kVA version) and 95% operating efficiency. It is available in 5 power ratings (4-5-6-8-10 kVA) and has the option to parallel up to 3 duals as a rack-mount (6 units for 8-10 kVA) or as a floor-standing tower to increase power, redundancy and battery runtime. With the option to reduce your power consumption by using 'Eco' and 'Smart Active' modes, whilst 'EnergyShare' sockets allow you to prioritise your most critical loads and enable easy load-shedding. This UPS is a suitable option for server rooms, electro-medical devices, IT networks and industrial applications.

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