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Available For New or Existing UPS'

The key to a long and successful operational life of a UPS is the careful planning and preparation during the installation and commissioning phase. UPS systems are designed to operate within certain tolerances and any deviation from these can significantly inhibit their effectiveness. 

Levant boasts a team of highly experienced engineers who have a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to UPS installations. Over the years, we have honed our skills and become renowned for our excellent workmanship.

Before we start work it is our personal preference to evaluate the site and meticulously plan the installation. Experience tells us that the more we plan at this stage, the easier it is to implement the installation. We are more than happy to provide method statements and risk assessments for all our works and to operate within any of your own internal procedures.

During the commissioning phase our engineers check that all cables and connections are securely in place and that the UPS and batteries are safely installed. We take pride in our work and so our engineers ensure that your system is operating correctly before signing off the installation and providing you with the appropriate certification.

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