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Safe Contractor & Chas

Levant is pleased to announce that it has successfully renewed its membership of the Safe Contractor and CHAS schemes for another year.

What is Safe Contractor?

This accreditation demonstrates Levant's health and safety competency to new and existing clients. Being a member of the SafeContractor scheme means we meet the necessary requirements around health and safety, equal opportunities, diversity and environmental management practices. #SafeContractor is also one of the fastest growing contractor accreditation schemes in the UK and receiving this accreditation shows an ongoing commitment to best practice within the work environment and the required levels of protection for our employees. Learn more about Safe Contractor here.

What is Chas?

This accreditation ensures compliance across the different areas of risk management, and helps businesses mitigate risks across the supply chain. Not only does this mean that Levant achieves #compliance, it also means we meet environmental standards, anti-modern slavery certification, equal opportunities, and diversity accreditation. Learn more about #Chas here.

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