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Levant's 1MVA Containerised UPS

Levant UPS are now offering a 1MVA containerised UPS solution to provide emergency, temporary power to your site.

Key points:

  • 2 No. N+1 500kVA units which can be configured in power upgrade mode to support 1MVA

  • 5 minute battery on full load (1MVA)

  • 2 No. 20 ft. ISO Containers

  • Internal Switchgear (rated at 1MVA) for easy connection to your onsite distribution switchgear

  • Internal AC Cooling Systems

Our containerised UPS systems are designed for easy delivery and installation to your site in mind. We are able to deliver anywhere in the UK MAINLAND with minimal advanced notice. The Levant 1MVA containerised power unit has been designed with resilience as the foremost concern. The advantage of utilising 2 No. 500kVA units is that we are able to configure the machines in N+1 mode, if required, thus offering a unique capability to provide 500kVA UPS redundant systems in a containerised setup.

Unlike other 1MVA options, which are often housed in 40ft containers, we have designed our 1MVA system to be contained in 2 x 20ft ISO containers. This means that we are able to easily transport the systems to your site without the need for escort vehicles or complex craning operations. Each system arrives to site on the back of a HIAB lorry which can quickly position each of the containers on your site with minimal disruption. This also allows us to position the containers accordingly when delivering to sites with restricted access – we can work to the requirements of your site.

Levant understand the need for resilience when it comes to ensuring your business critical activities are safeguarded against power disturbances. That is why, when not deployed, our 1 MVA containerised systems undergo rigorous maintenance schedules and are routinely overhauled to ensure that upon rapid deployment to your site, nothing is left to chance.

As always, we continue to have a flourishing range of containerised UPS systems ready for immediate hire. Our lines are open 24/7/365 and our engineers are available for rapid deployment to your site at a moment’s notice.

Do not let your business be exposed to risk, Levant UPS can help with short or long term containerised UPS hire up to 1MVA.

For more information on Levant’s Containerised options or for more information on any of our other UPS services please contact us for a quote today!

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